Colnago Master Olympic

My first Colnago Master,

A ’94 Olympic

This had a mixed up group when I got it, lower end Campagnolo gearing, Shimano drive.

I stripped it, and discovered the driveside dropout and derailleur hanger was bent.

I found a good bike shop who managed the straighten it, then I customized.

Chorus 10 speed ergo group, and the stem and bars were a lucky find.

When you’re on this on a sunny day, it’s a head-turner.

I finally managed to find the right forks

Head office has resurrected the red decor scheme for the Colnago Master 30th Anniversary

Shock of Shocks!

the chain seized up the rear derailleur

and sheared off it’s hanger

I annihilated myself with 6 cans of beer to get over the shock and heartache .

Those wiser than I in the way of the Velo ( Velo – Tao ?) told me

I should be able to get the hanger TIG welded back with minimal cosmetic damage,

and that the problem has happend to a million road bikes.

But why mine?


Progress reports will follow….
well, what do you do when your heart is broken?

Get a new one!

About a week later I managed  to get my hands 0n a ’96

Olympic same size, same decor!



Jah will provide!

jah med


The ’96 had one owner from new, and had been in his garage the last few years,

my old ’94 model is on the left, the’96 has bigger tubing, and the recesses in the crimped areas are less concave.


It came with Shimano 600 Tricolor, and Ultegra shifters.

I found a used Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed rear mech to replace the damaged one,

and will donate everything from the ’94 on to it.

I wasn’t happy with the wear on the brake surface of the black Campagnolo Omega rims,

so I contacted Nigel at and got some silver Omega V rims.

Nigel is an absolute Gent and enthusiast , with extensive experience and is willing to help,

here’s a link

I got the ’94 back

TIG welded, and I’m happy with the finish as it caused a minimum of cosmetic damage to the frame,

sold, and shipped to Japan!

On the ‘new’ Master, I wanted to change the shifters,as the current set has some cosmetic wear and tear marks,

but none yet, those I have seen in good condition have been overpriced.

Shot of the ’96,


I’ll say it again,an unbelievably fortunate find, same colour scheme as my old one, but in pretty much pristine condition.

I just have to build the wheels now.

I managed to get some nos Campagnolo 10 speed shifters at the 11th hour, just before completion













I changed the tyres to some gum walls…




  1. Johnny · August 17, 2016

    Hello, I have a Colnago Master Olympic in Mapei colours. I don’t suppose you’d have any idea what the blue paint used on these frames would be? E.g. a RAL code for the colour? There are a few paint chips I’d like to touch up if possible.

    • saarf · August 21, 2016

      Sorry, not sure for certain

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