Colnago Master Team Buckler

This is the picture of it as I found it

/\ June ’91

It was a lucky find.

I bought this off someone who got if from a Buckler Team mechanic.

The gentleman said his wife rode less than 500km on it.

Full Suntour Superbe Pro ( Buckler Team standard spec)

3TTT ‘Ernesto Colnago’ signature stem

I sourced some  NOS  Superbe Pro pedals, and found Superbe Pro Lever hoods

just got to find the right toe and bottle cages now….

The Suntour Superbe Pro gearing and drive is smooth as silk to ride with, no wonder the legendary Sheldon Brown regards it so highly


the 1992 Suntour Superbe Pro group in the 1992 catalog,

Suntour1992 - 0012

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