Eddy Merckx Team MX Leader Time Trial

Eddy Merckx Team ASLK-CGER, Some of the bikes & frames I've sold

Picked this up yesterday from a fellow collector , (thanks again Peter!) , an Eddy Merckx MX Leader time trial frameset , with Columbus MXL tubing…


I picked up an ITM Dual time trial cockpit and a set of Dura ace7402 brake levers..


“Hi, that frame was ….used by a semi-professional Belgian team that was called ASLK-CGER Eddy MErckx Team. I was one of the riders. We had the same bikes as the Motorola Team but the colors where different “

Colnago C40 , 1st gen,Mapei Black Art Decor

Colnago C40, 1st generation, Some of the bikes & frames I've sold

Colnago C40 1st generation Mapei Black Art Decor…


full round tubed carbon frame and ‘precisca’ forks , ( precursor to the carbon crimp tubed later models ) , came with Campagnolo Chorus 2×9 gruppo , this is a custom model, as it has internal cable routing on the top tube…

28510615265_2e6ae612ed_o Herman Frison according to Wikipedia is  a Belgian pro rider who won a stage tour of the Tour De France…


Vintage Eddy Merckx Professional, full pantograph, circa 1983, Gazelle Champion Mondial AA Special and an Alan circa 1985

Some of the bikes & frames I've sold

One my most recent bike buy, I picked up quite a haul.

I initially turned up at the vendors house to collect two framesets , one being this Gazelle Champion Mondial, which came with Gazelle pantographed down tube shifters…

010 017

and an Alan, circa 1985 which came with a Campagnolo pantographed Super Record 25mm (!!) seat post.

The vendor was a very nice Lady, who said the frames belonged to her husband, who had passed away.

She told me he was a keen rider, so I asked if she had anything else, as I saw some wheels sticking out of tarpaulin in her garden, and a decent sized shed.

She said she did, and I lifted the tarpaulin and discovered a Gazelle Champion Mondial AB with Campagnolo Triomphe, although rusted and with a seat post stuck right up to the seat clamp, and this, an Eddy Merckx Professional with full pantographed stem and Campagnolo Super Record gruppo !

001 003

004 005

The rear triangle was very corroded outside and in, as there are particles moving inside, and as it’s too big for me,  I will pass it on, and keep hold of the gruppo for now. When I got in the shed, I found enough Campagnolo components to fill a reasonably sized rucksack, so I paid, thanked her profusely, and headed off home.

Colnago Dual Cyclocross (C X) circa 1988

Colnago Dual Cyclocross (CX), Some of the bikes & frames I've sold

I’d been lusting after one of these for some time, then this came up..


pictured as I found it…


The Colnago Dual C X (cyclocross) made in collaboration with ALAN, circa 1988.

The previous owner (only 1!) told me he used to compete on it back in the day, and was quite successful.

The frame set feels really too small for me 54×50, given my ’96 Master Olympic is 59×55, so sadly, will have to go.

I added so gum wall cross country tyres and changed the bar wrap…

035 048 042 040 

045 041

 now sold