Whilst browsing an on-line auction site, I stumbled across this senselessness…


it’s a Colnago Dream road bike, utterly defaced ,

blue tyres, shit saddle ,colour coded stem, rise-able risers,seat post and clamp, and the pedals?

just plain insulting.


And the colour coded chain guard, I mean, really?

If Ernesto saw this I bet his little feet would curl up in horror…

Stuck, Stuck, Stuckist!


The seat post was stuck on this when I picked it up.

I’m not  keen on using chemicals for extraction,

A ) because of the probable environmental impacts disposing of caustic soda and

B) I don’t want to risk damaging the frame paint ,

so I have opened up the seat post clamp lug


and will soak with penetrating oil for a few days..


Well, this has to be the worst case I’ve had so far.

I really didn’t want to use chemicals, so I cut, rasped and reamed..


My friend is an engineer, so I took the frame to him, and we tried our best..


but sadly a crack appeared on the non drive side area of the seatpost clamp collar, so I will see if I can repair with a tig weld, luckily,  the frame is constructed with tig welding, so won’t look too bad.

(I hope).




I spent a little time filing and sanding to get as much of the original contour back as possible..



so just a little more, then I will have to resort to chemical extraction.

What Have You Done?

I’d like to ask people to stop committing these kind offences,

it’s not intelligent or amusing..


I mean, just look at it…brings a tear to my eye, a 1970’s Colnago,

was the misguided owner trying to replicate one of these poorly made production line wretches?


…. it’s like doing this to an E Type Jag..


or what the over enthusiastic restorer  in Spain did to this..





Please stop it !

Master Disaster!

The chain seized up and caused the rear derailleur to shear off

oh calamity!!!

there is a crack/tear around left of where the hanger is brazed on to the drop out

the color scheme is very similar to the 30th anniversary edition  available currently.

I’m thinking of contacting the factory to plead and offer any organ

that I have two of to see if they can help me.

Apparently it has happened to a million road bikes

it’s happened to two of mine

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got it fixed, TIG welded

by an amazing stoke of good fortune, I manage to find one in the same size and color scheme about a

week after the tear, it’s a ’96 model, the tubes are a little wider,

and with lugging on the seat post insert, it feels stiffer to.

I’m cleaning up the weld area, and inserting a helicoil into

the old frameset, then it will enter into the stock list

E Voila!

I sold it and shipped it to Japan.

Messy Master

This has a ‘stuck seat post’.

The seatpost is alloy, which oxidized inside the seat tube.

I’ve had the problem a few times before, where penetrating oil,

coca cola and a vice have sufficed to resolve the problem.

The seatpost crushed in the vice, and broke when twisted.

I managed to cut the back  of the seatpost,

now I will cut it from the inside, or mill it.

I cut a clear line at the back by the seatpost pin,

and managed to wedge a screwdriver in with a hammer.

I then used another screw drive like a chisel and made another split


I cannot take all the credit though,

there is a very influential bike forum

called London Fixed Gear and Single Speed (LFGSS.com), which is great resource for help or info,

where I got a lot of tips from different perspectives .

I recommend it!

(Thanks everyone !!)