Mr Colnago 2017

Mr Colnago

I was fortunate to meet Mr Colnago again in 2017 , here pictured in his museum….


Pogliaghi Lampo SLX

Pogliaghi Lampo

I’d been after a Pogliaghi bike for quite a while . Known as ” The Tailor of Bicycles ” , Sante Pogliaghi was a renowned artisan frame builder from Milan .

The Pogliaghi brand was bought by Rossin in the late ’80’s , and this Pogliaghi Lampo SLX circa 1989 is Rossin era , with a lot of similarities to the top of the line Rossin Ghibli SLX , pictures are from when bike was found , in Belgium ….

Colnago Nuovo Mexico circa ‘85

Colnago Nuovo Mexico mk 2

This is a late example of the legendary Colnago Nuovo Mexico frame set

Has Colnago stamp on the top of the bottom bracket shell …

And rounded Colnago stamped seat stay caps , which post date the first circa ’84 Nuovo Mexico ( flat stamped stay caps )

And the iconic 4 ribbed down tube ….

I source a Campagnolo Rally Triple crank set , as I intended to use the bike on the hills in Chianti , at L’ Eroica Gaiole …

And later found a near mint 2 nd generation Campagnolo Rally Triple rear derailleur …

Bottle cage is Specialities TA , with a white cap …

I used a Concor saddle and high flange hubs on the wheelset

The bike performed really well at Gaiole , with the triple crank set , I didn’t have to walk up any inclines

Cinelli ‘ The Machine ‘ MTB

Cinelli The Machine MTB, For Sale

Managed to find a Cinelli ‘The Machine’ frame set , Columbus Max OR tubes , with Campagnolo Euclid Headset …. frame set had quite a lot of wear …. which addressed with a rattle can spray …

I mounted a 1st gen Campagnolo Euclid MTB gruppo …

almost finished …