Colnago Super Pui

This was my first customized build.

Bought from the proceeds of a RIH frameset I turned into a ‘fixie-conversion’ and sold on.

It had a Dura Ace 7400 group on it, but the left hand shifter was not functioning well, so I upgraded.

I got a DA 7400 seatpost and headset, and put DA 7700 on, the same as Rabobank used.

I’m not sure if it’s an Slx tubed ‘Spiral Conic’.

It was without a Columbus decal when I got , so after looking around on the net,I saw similar bikes entitled ‘Spiral..’

that did not have the crimped down tube normal associated with the model, hence my assumption.

I should really undo the bb to look for the tell tale internal spirals.

I changed the saddle to a rolls, my butt couldn’t get on with the Brooks on longer rides.


now sold

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