Colnago Super Saronni,full campagnolo pantographia!

Colnago Super,in Saronni red,

the legendary frameset.

I polished the stem up.

I just need to polish up the seat post

The Beppster, though I think this is a profiled super

The Man again, this time with attitude

I’m changing the crankset, putting the old chain ring above

on my Nuovo Mexico

Colnago Tricolour pantographed !

Franco Chioccioli In the Giro of 1988,

I got the t shirt

and the wheels

Ambrosio Metamorphosis Colnago Corse tubular rims, with

Colnago hubs and skewers!

Unbelievably good fortune, I got the whole set basically for less than the cost of  buying rims separately and building,

and I got more chance riding a unicorn than finding those engraved hubs.

I’m not sure if the hubs are Campagnolo or Ofmega, engraved with the C and Clover details of Colnago.

I found another…

with sloping crown forks, which I’ll put in the stock list.


Full tri color Campagnolo 2nd generation Super Record gruppo,


Vintage Concor Superleggera saddle and white

Benotto bar ribbon,


I cleaned the fork crowns up,


and I finally managed to find the right shade paint to re furb the tri color guppo


the bike stand I bought for 25 euros from a bankruptcy sale ,



I got the stand home, and got round to cleaning it about ten days later,

then I found this stamp on it…



I decided against over polishing what needed to be done, as the frame

has a few slight blemishes here and there, so the finish I’m after is

“‘original condition”

I took the deep scratches out of the stem and seatpost with  the marvelous Dremel tool

 with the sanding components,wet and dry paper,and then polishing.

I re filled the caliper detailing


just needs a chain and wiring, and I dropped the levers a little after this,





6 thoughts on “Colnago Super Saronni,full campagnolo pantographia!

  1. Which years are your two frames? Are the decals specific to those years?

    I have what looks to be a mid 80s Super which has a Mexico fork. I’m planning on repainting it in the red and using a decal style like on your frames as it is very similar to the Saronni decals. I’ll also be repainting a Saronni pista frame, and was going to build up a ‘matching pair’. You can see pics of the frames here.

    What are your thoughts on their ages, and correct decals(which I’ll be sourcing from Cyclomondo)?

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