Stuck, Stuck, Stuckist!


The seat post was stuck on this when I picked it up.

I’m not  keen on using chemicals for extraction,

A ) because of the probable environmental impacts disposing of caustic soda and

B) I don’t want to risk damaging the frame paint ,

so I have opened up the seat post clamp lug


and will soak with penetrating oil for a few days..


Well, this has to be the worst case I’ve had so far.

I really didn’t want to use chemicals, so I cut, rasped and reamed..


My friend is an engineer, so I took the frame to him, and we tried our best..


but sadly a crack appeared on the non drive side area of the seatpost clamp collar, so I will see if I can repair with a tig weld, luckily,  the frame is constructed with tig welding, so won’t look too bad.

(I hope).




I spent a little time filing and sanding to get as much of the original contour back as possible..



so just a little more, then I will have to resort to chemical extraction.


  1. tonyjabuka · November 11, 2015

    Next time use wintermint oil. You can only purchase it at pharmacies. Leave it overnight and I will bet the electrolysis bonding between the steel frame and the alloy post will be loosened.

    • saarf · November 13, 2015

      I hope I don’t have to try, but if I do, I will< thanks!

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