Messy Master

This has a ‘stuck seat post’.

The seatpost is alloy, which oxidized inside the seat tube.

I’ve had the problem a few times before, where penetrating oil,

coca cola and a vice have sufficed to resolve the problem.

The seatpost crushed in the vice, and broke when twisted.

I managed to cut the back  of the seatpost,

now I will cut it from the inside, or mill it.

I cut a clear line at the back by the seatpost pin,

and managed to wedge a screwdriver in with a hammer.

I then used another screw drive like a chisel and made another split


I cannot take all the credit though,

there is a very influential bike forum

called London Fixed Gear and Single Speed (, which is great resource for help or info,

where I got a lot of tips from different perspectives .

I recommend it!

(Thanks everyone !!)


  1. Lorenzo · November 6, 2016

    That is one of the most painful things I have seen.

    • saarf · November 6, 2016

      kinda like a route canal but with Gilco steel !

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