1985 Hutch Trickstar

Vintage bikes, road, track, mtb, etc have been reaching premium prices these last few years.

I’ve been keeping an eye on vintage bmx bikes, when I was a lad, my parents got me a second hand Diamond Back (they bought my brother a brand new one,maybe because I was no good at school), and lusted after GT’s, Haro’s and especially Hutch Trickstars, during a recent online auction browse, I found this exquisite piece, restored by a bmx collector in the U.K….



stunning ! refurbed with nos components…

lllllllllll vvvvvvvv7


trick platform on top tube/ seat cluster and bear cage type trick mount on the chain stays…


and trick pegs on the forks


vendor asking just under $15,000, I wonder if this will set a precedent in the market?

listed here

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