Lance Armstrong Eddy Merckx Team Motorola MXL TT circa ’95

This has recently surfaced on an online auction site…



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The components are certainly a mixed bunch…

Dura ace 7400 front and rear dérailleur crankset, headset and seatpost. 

Shimano 600 brakes tri color. 

Cinelli stem and aero bar

Shimano bar end shifters

Shimano 105 brake levers

Shimano 105 front wheel

Shimano 600 rear wheel ”

Lance Armstrong’s 1995 team Motorola Caloi eddy Merckx MX leader. 56cm.

The bike has been used and raced by lance Armstrong during the 1995 season. ”

This bicycle certainly is a part of pro road racing history, but I wonder if it will achieve it’s nearly $10k 

buy it now price, given how far Armstrong fell from grace after being proven a cheat?

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