Novo Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022

Rabobank Team Colnago Lux Dream CX

At the beginning of May, I flew to Venice to attend the Novo Eroica Prosecco Hills gravel ride. I took my Colnago Rabonbank Team Lux Dream CX , which I ‘gravel-ised’ with an XTR long cage mtb rear derailleur and a large ratio sprocket cassette.

I turned up at the start point the day before the ride, on Saturday, and was fortunate to bump into some friends .

Davide and Paolo ….

Davide organises the Cicli Eroica cycling club and said there was a club ride that afternoon, and I was welcome to attend . I didn’t bring any ride kit, so I got what I could at one of the event stalls and got ready to roll…

Colnago Rabobank Team Lux Dream CX

At the start of the ride I met a nice couple with some beautiful bikes, a Wilier Triestina made with Columbus MS , one of only two tube sets from Gilco Design…

Wilier Triestina Columbus MS

And a Grandis . An artisan brand from fair Verona, and where Mario Confente started out frame building…

Grandis of Verona

Fine features on the frame, I actually managed to find one myself later in the year…

So, we set off into the Prosecco hills ,

Eroica founder Sr Giancarlo Brocci

It was great to see Eroica founder Sr Giancarlo Brocci and have the honour of riding with him…

Sr Brocci, Novo Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022

Along the way my chain broke

When I got to a ride stop my photo was taken. When the chain broke, my hand were covered in oil. Not wishing to soil my new kit , I rubbed my hands on my face for a joke. At a later stop I managed to wash my face …

Novo Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022

Sunday was the main ride, which was through some stunning scenery…

Novo Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022

I look forward to the next time!

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