Mr and Mr Gios

While attending L’Eroica Gaiole , Italia 2018 , I had the pleasure of bumping into my friend , Mr Marco Gios again at his family stall ….Marco’s father , the Legendary Aldo Gios was also there … some fantastic examples of Gios bikes at the stall too

And this custom built for a friend of mine…

Marco also had a modern example of Gios design , a gravel bike , which he kindly let me test briefly …
Disc brake set up , carbon forks and a Columbus steel frame , quite striking I thought with the blue and orange decor.

Also of note are the wooden rims on the wheels   , I met an ex pro who used to compete on steel , he said he used wooden rims on Paris Roubaix as they helped absorb the cobbles , so handy on the Strada Bianca then! 

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