How to identify a Colnago Nuovo Mexico from a Colnago Super (profil)

I get a fair amount of requests to appraise vintage Colnago roadbikes,(which is always a pleasure), and amongst those fine steel steeds have been a number of  questions regarding the Colnago Nuovo Mexico model, (circa 1983-4 )

More often than not the owner has one of these, which were more common, the Colnago Super (profil), which can be identified from one crimp either side and center on the top tube, one either side and center on the down tube, and inside the chain stays

colnago super profila Colnago Nuovo Mexico has two crimps either side and center on the top tube, 2 crimps off center either side of the down tube (so dt has 4 crimps in total!) , and none inside the chain stays…

colnago nuovo mexico

This example is Mr ‘ Beppe ‘ Saronni’s Del Tongo Team circa 1982 Goodwood winning Super….

You can see it has one rib on the top tube ( one either side , two in total)

And only two ribs on the down tube , predating the circa 1983/4 release of the Nuovo Mexico with 4 down tube ribs located off center …

This is a circa 1984 Super ‘profil’ , same era as the Nuovo Mexico was launched ..

This frame is the same age and colour , but is a Nuovo Mexico

Two ribs in the top tube ..

And 4 off center in the down tube

this is a later , circa ’85 Nuovo Mexico , able to ‘ date ‘ it as later than 83/84 because of the rounded , Colnago stamped seat stay caps

Breaking news , Colnago officially confirm Super Profil



  1. Jörg Eigemann · May 28, 2019


    I bought a classic Colnago bike a few weeks ago.

    The seller said it is an Colnago Super from the late 70ties, but I am in doubt after I read this.

    It has “Gilco tubing”. And the cable for the rear brake is inside the upper tube.

    Thank you for help to identify my bike or possible year of production.


    • saarf · May 31, 2019

      Please send pictures and we will have a look

      • Jörg Eigemann · May 31, 2019


        thank you very much. Here are the photos of my bike:

        I have looked around for other photos on the internet but I have not seen a simular bike yet with the classic saronni red colour and decals and the gilco tubes.


      • saarf · June 3, 2019

        I think yours is a Colnago Master , not a Nuovo Mexico

  2. Jacek · September 7, 2018


    I wonder if you could help me identify Colnago, photo in mail

  3. timmersch · October 17, 2016


    I’m restoring my first Colnago and your blog has been a great help.

    I wonder if you could help me identify this frame I’ve bought:

    Seller said it was a Nuovo Mexico but after reading this article I’m not sure anymore.

    Could you tell me what you think ?


    • saarf · October 18, 2016

      Hi Jeroen

      That image in the link is a Nuovo Mexico, you can see the profile/crimp on the outer edge of the down tube in the last picture, hope this helps!

      • timmersch · October 19, 2016

        This has been a great help ! Thx a lot !

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