Colnago Arabesque 2016

Colnago have made 2016 version of the 1983 Arabesque,

which was built in very limited numbers to commemorate Colnago’s 30th anniversary, the lugs were made specially for this model by the Rauler brothers

colnago-arabesque  with a crimped top tube and round down and seat tubes, the frame set was more akin to the Super and mexico model than Master..

1k0  I read somewhere the whole re-issue deal came about after an employee found a long lost box of the Arabesque lugs , but I doubt that’s the truth.

The 2016 model is more akin to the Master, with U.K. distributor Windwave even listing it as an Arabesque Master 

The remake has a crimp tubed main triangle,like the Master,

available in white and light blue, my favs are red and black…

masa-rard masa-radk

One comment

  1. ROB DYTON · January 11, 2016

    I like that. A lot.


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