Alan Super Record


This was initially a salvage project, after I found this early to mid ’80’s Alan Super Record left to rot in a garden…


without decals, I cleaned the frame up, sadly there were quite a few scratches,


 the drive side down tube shifter boss was missing..


and I noticed a pair of hairline cracks across the seat stay caps..

042 043

which pretty much meant the frame is a write off. I could perhaps have sought a machinist’s help in making new stay caps, but did not relish the idea of removing the old.

I then came across an earlier Alan Super Record frame, with lug cut outs, which was the right size for the spare forks…


I had a Campagnolo Victory 7 speed gruppo waiting, (all bar the brake levers),a Campagnolo C Record headset, and as the bike is destined to be a commuter/rain bike, decided I would use combined brakes and shifter units on drop bars…


(Pictured in commuter mode with lights and spd pedals)

As the frame is an earlier model, the rear spacing is 126mm.

The Campagnolo “brifters” are in fact 8 speed, which would need 130mm rear spacing, or an OLD hub,but they are also compatible with a 7 speed freewheel, which is what I made do with until I make a suitable 8 speed wheel set…here’s some more pictures with Campagnolo Victory toe cage pedals…

003 014

005 004



008 011

The gruppo is used, which I’m comfortable with as it gives an overall “original condition” finish.

I always though that the name ‘Alan’ is an amalgamation of Aluminium Anodised, but it is in fact from ALberto and ANna Maria Falconi, the brand owner Lodovico Falconie’s children’s  first names.

The Alan company launched in 1972, and also built frames for other brands, including Colnago


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