Rene Herse Radonneur, circa 1973

Rene Herse (1908-1976) is considered by some as one of the worlds best frame builders, very rarely do his original bikes come on the market, this fine example has recently surfaced…

exquisite lugs and Reynolds 531 tubes,


ooohhhhhhhh7 nnnnnnnnnn  


with an Herse triple crankset and Huret gearing,


machined stem to accommodate center pull brake caliper cables , and high flange hubs…




available for sale here

Rene’s frames are beautifully fillet brazed…


and he even produced a “demountable” frame set, which splits in two for packable storage whilst in transit…


the following picture and words are sourced from


“Rene Herse demontable bicycle : just release the brake cable (the rear hanger is slotted), undo
the quick releases top and bottom, slide up the ring at the bottom to uncover the joint, and then
slide the front half of the bike out of the back half……

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