Cinelli The Next Machine STOLEN!!!STOLEN!!!!

I took a chance and placed a bid on what I saw in the picture…


A rare ,seemingly pristine, Cinelli The Next Machine with what looks like Campagnolo mtb gruppo.

The same image is on the very venerable Landlords cycling blog, here it’s purported to NOS with a Campagnolo gruppo, only this post was in January 2012.

The delivery from Italy was taking an age, and the vendor not the most responsive, so I entered a dispute and got a  full refund.

Then this turned up…





Unbelievably, I found a youtube video of the actual bike..

Nothing like what I thought I’d won, I contacted the vendor.

I said I had his bike and had no intention of paying for it, and if he sent me postage and packaging costs, I would return it gladly.

Then I said I would contact the auction site and report this attempted fraud.

The vendor responded, and very kindly suggested I keep the bike,

so before I stripped it, I tried out some fat tyres and a Cinelli Volare saddle..




The frame is constructed from Columbus Max and TIG welded, and came with a Shimano Deore XT group.


Note the E(elevated)-stay…






Decor is a black satin finish over what appears to be chrome, quite worn, so I have a used Campagnolo Record O R gruppo I will mount on it…


the finished article…


but was sadly STOLEN a few days after these shots, any info leading to recovery will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Jem Armovit · May 19, 2015

    Hi, I hope you have gotten some redemption for the theft since. I would like to ask your comment about the bike, which I also have. I bought the bike NOS over a year ago, and seems to be the only one made with EL OS tubes instead of Max OR. Another is that my bike has gold-ish decals all over instead of white/silver which seems to be the case for all seen in the internet so far. I am from the Philippines, my bike too since being in storage around 1991. Your comments and insight would be much appreciated.

    Jem from the Philippines

    • saarf · May 19, 2015

      Hi Jem

      Sadly no redemption yet! Thanks anyway!
      The frame you have sounds interesting, I think I saw some ‘machines’ with gold decals before.
      Do you have any pictures/images please? And are you looking to sell it? (that would be redemption!;0) )

      • Jem Armovit · May 19, 2015

        Yes I do have pictures! Thanks for the interest. How do I get them to you? Email? Sorry, not very good with this. Am not selling though, as this is my “noble steed”. Aside from the way it looks, I just love the way it rides. For me even better than my newer (94) MTBs, which isnt much.

      • saarf · May 20, 2015

        I understand you keeping it, they are great rides!
        you can send pctures to, then we can see what else we can find out about it.

      • Jem Armovit · May 27, 2015

        Sent pictures to email below. Hope ypu got them.

      • saarf · May 28, 2015


        Just found them in my spam box!
        It’s beautuful, a fine example you lucky man!

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