Colnago Serial Number Database

The Colnago serial number database…..

1970-LOGO-600x400as yet does not exist.

This is just  what I discovered by trying to research online…

the following quote from a ’73 Colnago Super restorer …

“Early Colnago’s can be a bit difficult to determine their exact age because they didn’t use serial numbers. At most they would have a size stamped on a drop out and steer-er tube.”

The earliest presumed date of  Colnago incorporating a serial number onto frames is mentioned by Chuck Schmidt, author of the Velo Retro site…

“Serial numbering only started for Colnago on USA-bound bikes when the CPSC started requiring tracking, etc. West Coast Cycles was importing Colnago at the time and the serial numbers started for their product. There is still no way to find manufacturing date by the numbers, except that they are 1979 or later….”

Chuck is also the author of the Colnago Super Timeline , from 1968 – 1983 , and here there is no mention of factory stamped serial numbers.

Here’s some examples of Colnago bottom bracket shells, with the brand’s stamp and clover cut out, but no serial numbers…



On later steel models,like the Master Olympic,


 the Spiral Conic slx..

8280472144_ac61164ab8_z DSC_8241_zpse8661142

and the Tecnos..


the number can be located on the drive side rear drop out and inquiries to the factory can be fruitful in exact dating, but as yet . this information is not accessible directly online.

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