Colnago Master….CYCLOCROSS!!!!!!!

I’m  fortunate to be a forum member on the legendary Retrobike, and when this came up the other day, the owner Lee, aka LML999, was kind enough to let me post his pictures here…

IMG_1144 5

This is a Unicorn, I’ve never seen one before,


it’s lug stamps are consistent with the post 95 Masters




but the tubes have no crimps, which did make me question it was a Master


until the owner posted this…


my eyes practically fell outta my head!!!!!!

You can see by the space between the headtube and the lugs it’s a small frame, Lee said 49.5 center to center, so perhaps it was a bespoke order…a stunning piece of work, here’s the original thread

Enjoy Lee, you lucky, lucky man!


  1. Lee · November 21, 2014

    Thanks! I still can’t believe I had the good fortune to pick this frame up. I would love some information on its origins. Who was it built for? Who owned it? Was it raced? Without a serial number, the Colnago factory would not/could not provide any info. Also, note that the frame came unbuilt. I built it with Record 10 components and ride it regularly.

    It is a sweetheart of a bike, on the road and off. I will not race it as it’s so special!

  2. Reza · September 20, 2014

    Except the blue one which is ridden by Roger De vlaming in 1975 this is the only one, I mean the only steel Cyclocross by Colnago which I ever seen.
    Many thanks for sharing the photos.

    • Lee · February 11, 2016

      Thanks Reza! I have not been able to learn anything further about this frame. I do ride it regularly, and it is one of my favorite bikes. I recently sent Ernesto an email inquiring about its history; I’ll follow up with anything I learn!

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