Vintage Pinarello GIOVO MTB, circa ’92


This cost me 75 euros with groupset , wheelset  and postage included, we’ll see what it looks like when it turns up,

should be a nice project


well., it arrived


the frame is tatty, which I always see as a blank canvas.


nice lugging,



Constructed from Columbus Chromor OR, oversized, quite

a lot bigger than the Chromor used on Pinarello Asolo’s..


With a Pinarello stamp on the bottom bracket casing underside..


The top tube is 54cm , so my norm for roadbikes, but the seatube is 50 cm,

so I made a mock up to gauge the fit …and  see the project outcome…


feels fine! it came with a rather used Deore xt 3×7 speed group, with Wolber rims,

which I will sell for the what I paid for the lot  hopefully (75 euros!!), leaving me the frame

for free, so I can afford a respray from my favorite refurbish-er!!

I want to keep the decals, but will get the frame done completely in the blue it is now, losing the pink.

I will either anodize or powder coat the stem and bars black.

The saddle it came with is actually branded Pinarello, but is torn, and the branding has worn, so

no good, which is a shame.


i sold the old components for 50 euros, so frameset, stem bars, seat post and saddle now owes me a handsome 25 euros.

 I finally completed the  new gruppo


NOS Campagnolo Euclid


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