Colnago Custom Cargo Bike

I’ve only seen one of these before, in Lampre colours

It shares similar geometry to the early ’90s Colnago MTB’s,

here’s some other examples,



and has some Deore XT parts remaining, which is the group Colnago predominantly

used on their MTB range from that era.

The decals also appear clearcoated, so as I have some Deore XT parts , I will try to put back to original state.

Here’s two examples of the City Bike from the 1994 Colnago catalog



here’s a more recent version


I’m changing the steering, and getting a front rack.

Pictured just after rack installation…





I changed the angle of the rack so its more horizontal, I also want to change rear rack and it just needs fenders.

Here’s a picture in the City, with  a straighter front rack,


I think I’ll also change the tyres for something more suitable for the City, as these sound like a Land Rover.

I decided to remove the rear rack, as I don’t carry anything there, so just adds weight,


with the new slick tyres,


and finally finished with fenders…


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