Bikemotion Show

The BMC Lamborghini collaboration…

not really my thing, this was more interesting, a BMC  “Time Machine”

brake housing …

The  thing I find off putting about the BMC’s with naked carbon is you see all the

carbon patched together, especially on the top tube, now you wouldn’t find that on my C50 .

2013  Colnago M10s…

the 2013 Colnago C59 Italia..

the colour scheme on this seems to pay homage to the lugging of the Arabesque

new headtube decal/logo as well

a new Colnago/Ferrari  collaboration…

and the Colnago Wold Cup CX,

Look with a stunning head tube…

I just had to turn it…

Cinelli were present also, with a new twist on the legendary Laser

De Rosa, with some interesting contemporary  steel frames

And Somec…

Good to see some proper steel bikes still being made available.

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