Eddy Merckx Karel Mintjens Strada Frameset

Quite a rare piece, on a Google search I found the following  link


here’s a quote

“Dear Mr. ,

My father, Karel Mintjens, was a fanatic biker. He inspired his youngest brother, who became pro- biker in the team from Eddy Merckx.(1969-1979)

My father and Eddy became good friends. When later, Karel started up a local team, everybody had to drive a “EDDY MERCKX” bike , personalized with our companies logo “Karel Mintjens”.

From those bikes, about 250 bikes where made, depending on the period, made from iron, aluminum, titan or carbon. We used to give them away to our customers on special occasions. Those bikes seemed to travel around the globe. I saw some pictures on the internet and if you google you can get more info about Eddy Merckx. Our website http://www.mintjens.be tells you more about our company.

If you have specific questions, I am glad to answer but I am not at all a technical guy about bikes so more about the bike itself I cannot give you but I am sure you can ask more info at “Eddy Merckx” company (http://www.eddymerckx.be)

Best regards,

Carl Mintjens “

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