L’Anjou Velo Vintage 2012, 101 km, Saumur, Maine et Loire, France

I managed to get a ride to Paris,

and from there, I took a train to Saumur, Maine et Loire

I managed to find the bike some friends

The French riders are real Gentlemen and Ladies , great people,

we managed to stop and sample some of the region’s wines

and some food,

I had 4 punctures, and ate gravel coming round a corner.

I dropped my pump on a descent, and when I was fixing my bike

after the fall (left of picture), this hero turned up with my pump!

the support at this event was excellent, motorcycle outriders with mechanics

on the back,and excellent stewarding.

When I fell, I messed up the front derailleur, so was limping for a number of kilometers, when the motorcycle angels

came to the rescue and put it straight, thanks fellas !

See you next year!

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