Life’s A Box of Chocolates

I was out on one of my bike scouting missions today.

I ended up in the middle of nowhere (it seemed), , in the rain, waiting at a bus stop.

I’d past a bike shop on the way, so I walked back to get in out of the rain whilst waiting for my next ride.

I walked in and saw this

a circa ’85 Colnago Super in Saronni Red

The Gentleman told me he did the 1985 Tour De France on it.


I walked to the back of the shop, and saw this

the Gentleman said he did a tour on this.

He told me he kept asking Eddy Merckx for a bike, and


Eddy gave him this

Eddy won on it in 1976

I’d never seen this before either

The frameset is a De Rosa

The Gentleman also showed me these

The pictures are poor,

I was in a rush,and punch-drunk at what I’d witnessed, and didn’t want to cause a fuss,

but I’ll compose my self and hopefully the Gentleman will allow me to take some more/better shots.

Forest Gump  was right about the chocolates though.

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