Colnago Mexico ESA Team Buckler

This was a nice find.

I bought it from a 70 year old Gentleman, who was only selling it because he’d decided he wanted  to ride in the upright position hence forth.

He said it was ridden by one of the legendary Buckler team.

Picture below as I found it

The Master frameset is renowned for  crimped tubing, ( 4 crimps). this has 6 crimps!

too small for me, so I’ll clean up and pass on

unfortunately, one of the bottle cage attachment bolts is damaged,(headless!!!!!!)

I have a friend who is an engineer and works wonders, so fingers crossed…

I’ll show the results when it comes back.


  1. Tucker Bunch · July 26, 2012

    Did you ever end up selling this frame? Do you recall the size?0

    • saarf · July 26, 2012


      It was sold a while back


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