Vintage Pinarello Custom Build

The above picture is of the frameset after I got it back from being shot-blasted.

It’s a late ’70’s Pinarello frameset, most likely a Treviso.

I original had a Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport gruppo on it, and was a light blue with ‘Farnholt’ decals.

I made the mistake of having the frameset powder-coated a blue shade, but the coating was too thick ,

and the lugging lost it’s definition, hence the second shot-blasting.

I am really tempted to go ‘naked’, and have the frame clear powder coated, and re place the decals.

The reason being that I would like to participate in vintage orientated races (imagine-L’Eroica!), and on something like this

I would be able to concentrate on the ride/race and not worry about damaging paintwork.

I’ll update to show the progress.

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