Ernesto Colnago’s 91st birthday at La Collezione , Cambiago

I was fortunate to get invited to the Master’s 91st birthday at his museum, La Collezione in Cambiago by his grandson, Alessandro Brambilla…

Ernesto Colnago’s 91st birthday invite.

I was happy to see my friend Sr Alex Colnago, son of Paolino Colnago (Ernesto’s little brother)…

Alex Colnago

Here with Alessandro Brambilla , Ernesto’s grandson

Alex and Alessandro Brambilla Colnago

Also good to see my friend Sr Antonio Colombo..

Sr Antonio Colombo

Seen here with The Master …

Sr Colnago cutting the cake
Great to see Sr Gianni Motta again

Mr Stash and Nadir , the man who put the “Look Ma No Brakes” art exhibition in Toronto together , bring Mr Stash and Futura to design decor for Colnago Master Pista frames , and two roadbikes

Bikes at La Collezione from Futura and Mr Stash …

The collection at La Collezione…

Nadir ‘La Carerra’ and Mr Stash

Mr Stash art at La Collezione….

La Collezione opening , Cambiago

The other Sunday (December 18th) I went to Cambiago , Milan for the afternoon to attend the opening of Sr Ernesto Colnago’s collection at it’s new, publicly accessible home, La Collezione…

I thanked Sr Colnago again, he was in good spirits.

I also thanked Alessandro Brambilla ..

Alessandro Brambilla Colnago

The opening was attended by a small crowd, mainly familiar friendly faces. 2023 will see it open to the public, and become a UN site for World Cycling day.

All the best bikes Sr Colnago produced were there …

Colnago Lux Dream Rabobank

Here’s one I’ve been riding most frequently at the moment-my winter bike

Colnago Rabobank Lux Dream, Dura Ace 7700

I bought the frameset and group really cheap, and the guy I bought it off said it was Johnny Hoogerland’s. Given that the Tour was on at the time, and poor old Johnny had shredded his shorts, I took the vendor’s comments with a pinch of salt.

Then I found this site

with this image

The decal on the drive side fork has the same wear in each picture, could it be?

It rides beautifully, I usually ride old Italian steel, but this cracker I’ve ridden through the winter without worrying about rust or paint corrosion.

A future classic methinks.

Above post it’s first event with me on it-110km

rear derailleur jammed up twice, there was quite a bit of detritus on the road and bad rain at times, so maybe that’s why,

rectified itself though, and was comfortable for the sub 4 hours it took.

Cleat screws disappeared, so when I stopped, my foot got stuck and I made like Mr Bean and keeled over sideways.

facelift with Flite saddle  and Chris King headset donated from bikes I traded,

crank set, rd, and shifters were also changed,

bar tape temporary!

The frame was always too big, so when I got a chance to get one in my size from an ex Rabobank under 23 team member , I snapped it up, and sold the old frameset

The ‘new’ one has a Rabobank team decal with the riders name on it..




first pictures of the new version…


just on a test ride with beater wheels..


I have some WH 7701 wheels, and I think I’ll add a longer stem to get the same geo as my C50,I like the old bar tape, it just gets so grubby!

001 (3)