Ernesto Colnago’s 91st birthday at La Collezione , Cambiago

I was fortunate to get invited to the Master’s 91st birthday at his museum, La Collezione in Cambiago by his grandson, Alessandro Brambilla…

Ernesto Colnago’s 91st birthday invite.

I was happy to see my friend Sr Alex Colnago, son of Paolino Colnago (Ernesto’s little brother)…

Alex Colnago

Here with Alessandro Brambilla , Ernesto’s grandson

Alex and Alessandro Brambilla Colnago

Also good to see my friend Sr Antonio Colombo..

Sr Antonio Colombo

Seen here with The Master …

Sr Colnago cutting the cake
Great to see Sr Gianni Motta again

Mr Stash and Nadir , the man who put the “Look Ma No Brakes” art exhibition in Toronto together , bring Mr Stash and Futura to design decor for Colnago Master Pista frames , and two roadbikes

Bikes at La Collezione from Futura and Mr Stash …

The collection at La Collezione…

Nadir ‘La Carerra’ and Mr Stash

Mr Stash art at La Collezione….

Colnago Carbitubo Monotubo Mapei GB decor

I picked this up last week…



it’s a very rare piece, carbon tubes,


set into aluminum lugs, the headtube is stamped Colnago,


just like the Colnago Dual and Carbitubo..




the decor is Mapei GB, which I managed to pretty much confirm thanks to fellow forum members at the venerable Velocipede Salon site,(thanks again!),


so I’ll use this Dura Ace 7410 group …


and I changed the rims for silver ones..


the Dual , Carbitubo and this are all made by ALAN for Colnago,

you can see this shares the seat post lug with an Alan Record


they also share top tube cable guides, and one on this is damaged, so the Alan chivalrously donated one…



I just need to get a headset , and this one’s finished build wise, I still would like to find out what model, a Carbunitubo?

Here’s a mock-up to give perspective..



now the frame has been compared to the Alan Carbonio, but you can see the top tube cable guides on the Alan are in a different place..

Alan 1 Compressed

and here’s a Colnago Dual cycloross, with a headtube stamp in the same location..



so I’d say we can assume it is a Colnago, made by Alan.


Further investigation has been fruitful, here is a Colnago Carbitubo


with two downtubes…


and the Colnago head tube stamp..


and here is a frame set in the same decor, but with one downtube..