NOS Campagnolo Mountain Bike Gruppo


I saw this NOS Campagnolo MTB Gruppo on a recent online auction trawl….


quite something altogether in boxes….






I have a number of  steel Italian MTB projects yet to finish, but I finally managed to get 5 groups practically complete…

I just need a brake set…

campagnolo mtb gruppi 003

left to right are Campagnolo Record O R and Campagnolo Olympus, with thumb shifters, both used condition..

campagnolo mtb gruppi 004

Left to right again, NOS Campagnolo Olympus with Bullet shifters, and a mix of used/NOS Olympus with thumb shifters…

campagnolo mtb gruppi 006

Colnago C35 at a Vintage bike jumble!


I took a ride out on my ’96 Master Olympic to a bike jumble at a cycling club, and bumped into a trader I know who had a stall there. here’s some of what he had


a nice De Rosa above, this circa ’96 Colnago Master Olympic, though the gruppo is a little earlier ..


a Colnago Dual CX frameset, which I had actually had a bid on via an on-line auction before, but pulled out as it did not have the correct forks, was missing cable guides, and was too small..006


notice the Colnago headtube stamp, same as on my as yet unidentified carbon frame..


Both were made for Colnago by Alan.

The trader also had a beautiful Colnago C35, sadly only managed to get a silhouette…


probably the most understated example I’ve seen ( or touched!), Campagnolo Super Record 11 gears and brakes with an original Colnago  C35 crankset, the trader seemed unaware of this less tasteful example for $22,500


he said he wasn’t selling his!

Colnago Emblem


The famous Colnago Clover was first used in 1970…

After Dancelli’s Milano-Sanremo vic­tory, Ernesto Colnago is inspired to replace his pre­vi­ous eagle emblem with a new mark, the ace of clubs. The logo com­mem­o­rates the bloom­ing of the spring flow­ers in Sanremo and Ernesto Colnago’s ambi­tion to be “an ace in cycling”.”


More Colnago history at the official Colnago site.