The Worlds most expensive ‘Oma Fiets’ (Granny Bike)?

Having had the pleasure of living and experiencing cycling in the Netherlands for a number of years, I became familiar with the term Oma/Opa fiets – basically translates to Granny/Grandad bike…





Generally used as workhorses for shopping or pottering around the Buurt (neighbourhood), you can see practically hundreds chained up around train stations, like Amsterdam Central…


These bikes can be picked up for next to nothing second hand, either on local online auction sites, or flea markets like Waterlooplien…


Earlier today I cam across this , from luxury French travel goods brand Moynat…


The Malle comes with luxury upholstered picnic trunk,complete (and resplendent) with porcelain goblets, china plates and silverware .

The cost?

approx. 33,650.00 pounds sterling!

Is there actually a need for this?

available via Moynat

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