Bike Fraud Scams


About 3 years ago I fell victim to an online scam…

this was my ”purchase”


A Colnago C40 B- Stay with ‘Jet’ decor,with all you see mounted on it, from Athens, for just over 600 euros.

I ‘won’  via, and paid (foolishly) via my bank to an escrow company, also meant to be based in Athens.

The vendor gave me a url link to a freight company, and a code to enter,

and when used, a ‘tracking progress’ page appeared .

The bike never turned up, more fool me, …but after searching some Spanish auction sites, and inquiring about items, it became apparent that same scam is operating  there .

I looked into the scams online, and some sites suggest organized perpetrators operating internationally also selling motorcycles and boats,

so ,even though you have to take a chance to uncover those lost or forgotten pearls, always buy with secure payment methods.

Closer to home, I viewed this after a successful bid on a local auction..


A Colnago Master Art Decor frame, circa 1996



now, I can’t really call this a scam, more a sham.

Poorly listed, I took a chance and traveled hours on trains to collect in Belgium , only to discover a bulge under the top tube, causing it to drop a couple of degrees as it meets the head tube.

No wonder it never came with forks, must have bent, also had two dents, on by rear seat stay and one on top tube by seat post neck.

Given the complexity of the Art Decor color scheme, and the possible problems sourcing a Gilco steel top tube, it would be impossible to cost efficiently renovate back to it’s original state, so a complete write off.

If I had bought blind on the strength of the above photos, it would probably ended up being messy getting any kind of refund.

To top this, I missed the last train home, and had to get a room in a hotel .

I found one for 62 euros in one of the side streets around Antwerp Central Station, and after paying the only apparent live organisms in the building, a kind elderly Lady and here little dog, I took the 1 person lift up to the 3rd floor.

Once entering my room, I discovered a mirror on the ceiling, one behind the bed, and two either side of it. When you turned off the main light and used the low lights, they were red.

I thought at first one must have had the fortune to have booked into a themed hotel, like the Pelirocco in Brighton, and was certain there must be a chocolate room.

I ventured down the hall, being empty/quiet and found a few vacant rooms with the doors ajar, and all were of similar decor.

I decided I must have booked into an ex/active brothel ( going by what I’ve seen on the t.v. and in films), so I walked back to my room and got my camera out to document the absurdness, when I lifted off my lens cap, the filter lens had shattered.

As you can imagine, I was feeling far from fine and dandy by now, and consoled myself by getting a meal and some beers.

So, after waking up with a sore head the next morning, I finally got home that  afternoon.

All the bikes I list and sell are checked and I only accept secure payment.

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